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Graham Trude

"The Singing Soldier"

“Live it up like it's like the last day of your life, cause it just might”. - Graham Trude 

Graham Trude is a Canadian singer/songwriter with a characteristically big voice and an even bigger heart. An introspective singer with a confessional style of writing, Graham draws on his experiences as a military veteran for inspiration, weaving tales of love and loss into memorable melodies that have earned him admiration in both the independent rock world and modern country circles.

Graham is a unique songwriter and performer who brings an unforgettable presence to the stage, regardless of whether he is performing in a packed stadium or an intimate coffee shop. With a sound and style borne out of a mix of rock, hiphop, post hardcore and country honed through years of playing for rowdy crowds, there is an honesty to his music that is very authentic and relatable. His ability to connect with every listener has seen Graham build an ever-growing fan base of loyal followers who find release in his melodies and comfort in his lyrics. 

With a military background and a previous career in law enforcement, Graham is able to write from a place of empathy and understanding when it comes to stories about love, loss and the effects of combat. Graham served as a front line armoured corps soldier in the Afghanistan rotation 3-09 with the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (RC) B Platoon. Upon his return home to Canada, he was determined to continue his work on the front lines - this time as a police officer in the remote fly in indigenous communities of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation.

As a result of enduring the stresses of military service and law enforcement work, Graham was diagnosed with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At the  lowest point in his life, he turned to music to find solace and eventually found the strength to take his future into his own hands and turn his life around.

Graham’s music has been well-received by both his fans and experienced critics. In 2011, he won a local song writing competition and was chosen to write and perform the theme song for a Canadian-based television series. In review of his single “PTSD”, The Rider News blog said “this soulful, gentle giant who possesses that rare combination of extreme vulnerability and playful bravado, delivers his message loud and clear”. Graham’s first two releases, PTSD and My Old Town, were released to radio through MSW Media Group and have both reached success as top downloaded tracks in Canada.

Graham's music draws from a number of genres and inspirations, with a modern rock and country culture heavily informing his song writing. He has also been influenced by hip-hop and other fusion styles, resulting in his distinctly recognizable sound. Graham has several exciting new releases planned for 2022 and beyond. Additionally, he intends to use his voice to continue to advocate for those who carry psychological scars in their daily lives. With a promising music career ahead, he strives towards a future where all suffering feel seen, heard and understood and receive the care and support that they deserve.



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